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738,000 single-family homes were built last year in the US

The New York Times recently published “a portrait of new single-family homes” in the US in 2016. Here’s that portrait:

For those of those living in dense urban centers, this portrait is perhaps a reminder that in many other places a large single-family home can be had for about the price of a studio apartment.

Nothing in the above portrait likely surprised you, but it’s interesting to note that over half of all new single family homes delivered last year were in “The South.” Only 7% were built in the dense northeast.

The New York Times also recently looked at “international rents per square foot” using data from RentCafe. Here they are:

New York City sits at the top with an average rent of $4.98 psf. This is across all boroughs. I am surprised by how low some of these international rents are. But averages rarely tell you the whole story.

In any event, I do think that these two graphics start to speak to the economic spikiness that we are seeing across the US. 

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