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US public transit ridership since March 2020

Consider the following stat: 65% of all transit trips across the US in 2019 came from just 6 metro areas: New York, Boston, Chicago, San Francisco, Washington, DC, and Philadelphia. Not surprisingly, these are all places with dense and walkable urban centers. In other words, they have built environments that are conducive to the use of public transportation.

While we know that more people working from home has been bad for transit and that agencies across the world are facing deep holes in their budget, I continue to come back to two things. One, we have not yet reached a post-pandemic equilibrium. We are still making our way back to the office. And two, the single most important thing when it comes to transit ridership is land use.

If we want more people to take transit, then we need to build our cities accordingly. That means streets people actually want to walk on, and a lot more density.

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  1. Maybe people do not actually want to walk? or most of them do not like cities with urban cores? I personally feel like I am suffocating in any suburban setting for more than a weekend but perhaps NYC/Chi…etc are not the norm…they are the exception


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