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Royal Bank of Canada to employees: “Get back in the office”

Royal Bank of Canada, which is one of the largest employers in the country, sent an internal memo to employees this week with statements like these:

“When our teams come together on-site more frequently, we are solving complex problems faster, learning and growing more effectively, and ultimately building deeper connections with one another.”

“Without frequent in-person engagement our long-term competitiveness is at risk.”

I feel strongly that we are going to continue to see more of this. Current work-from-home arrangements are not at all static. We have not yet reached a post-pandemic equilibrium. That will likely take a few more years.

More flexibility, rather than less, is something we all want, and I don’t believe that’s going away. But I do believe that for the most productive and congealed teams, the default workplace will remain the office.

P.S. Office Space (embedded video above) is a great movie.


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