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Road pricing for whom?

New York City is considering a congestion charge for drivers entering Manhattan below 60th street. It is part of Governor Cuomo’s Fix NYC plan. But we all know how difficult these things are to implement. Last month, Felix Salmon wrote a piece in Wired where… Read More

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Free ice cream

I was out for dinner this evening and the topic of road tolls (road pricing) came up. All of us at the table agreed that this was a missed opportunity for Toronto. Yes we proposed it, but then we got cold feet and backed away.… Read More

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We’re still on road pricing

The New York Times recently argued that self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, but that economics can. Here is the key soundbite: “Maybe autonomous cars will be different from other capacity expansions,” Mr. Turner said. “But of the things we have observed so far, the only… Read More