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Free ice cream

I was out for dinner this evening and the topic of road tolls (road pricing) came up. All of us at the table agreed that this was a missed opportunity for Toronto. Yes we proposed it, but then we got cold feet and backed away.… Read More

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We’re still on road pricing

The New York Times recently argued that self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, but that economics can. Here is the key soundbite: “Maybe autonomous cars will be different from other capacity expansions,” Mr. Turner said. “But of the things we have observed so far, the only… Read More

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Revisiting road pricing

Following the Toronto Transit Commission’s approval of a 10-cent fare hike, Cherise Burda of the Ryerson City Building Institute penned an article titled: It’s time for Toronto to consider road tolls. I am a big supporter of road pricing and I have written a lot… Read More