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Call to Hamilton artists

Our team is looking to partner with local Hamilton, Ontario-based artists and creatives as part of a new project that we’re working on for next year. So this post is intended to be a call to artists. If you’re based in Hamilton and doing great… Read More

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Consuming architecture

Is this a true or false statement? “It is through media, of course, that we primarily consume architecture.” Witold Rybczynski recently spoke about this on his blog. Initially he thought it was a preposterous statement. But then he begrudgingly accepts that it is actually the… Read More

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Flash Invaders

I love seeing these little Invaders all over Marseille. They are everywhere — and usually in a place where you’d be looking even if it wasn’t there (see above). I just learned that there’s also a game you can play with them called Flash Invaders.… Read More

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Influencers in the wild

Okay, so this is creepy, but perhaps not all that shocking: What artist Dries Depoorter has done is the following: I don’t have a problem with people posing and making numerous attempts to capture the right photo. You should see me before every meal and… Read More

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Coastline villages

I recently collected two NFTs from aerial photographer Vitor Esteves. I purchased one of Menton, France and one of Las Negras, Spain (pictured above). Both are from his 1/1 Coastline Villages collection on Sloika. I know that NFTs aren’t nearly as popular as they were… Read More