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Influencers in the wild

Okay, so this is creepy, but perhaps not all that shocking: What artist Dries Depoorter has done is the following: I don’t have a problem with people posing and making numerous attempts to capture the right photo. You should see me before every meal and… Read More

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Coastline villages

I recently collected two NFTs from aerial photographer Vitor Esteves. I purchased one of Menton, France and one of Las Negras, Spain (pictured above). Both are from his 1/1 Coastline Villages collection on Sloika. I know that NFTs aren’t nearly as popular as they were… Read More

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New KYIV city collection t-shirt

At the beginning of this year, Globizen announced a new collection of city t-shirts. They have been very popular and we only have a few left from our original batch (which included some of the greatest places in the world: Toronto, Paris, and Park City). But we recently added a new city: Kyiv. This is obviously a really important one, and 100% of the proceeds from the sale of this shirt are going be used to support Ukraine. The plan is to allocate 50% to the Toronto Ukrainian Foundation, which has been helping displaced Ukrainians settle in Canada, and the balance to Ukraine directly (via cryptocurrencies).

If this sounds good to you, click here.

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Same height parties

This isn’t new. And it’s maybe a bit random. But we’re probably overdue for a break from housing debate. So here is an interesting art project by Hans Hemmert (who is part of the German collective Inges Idee). Called Personal Absurdities (1997), the project consisted… Read More