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Streets of Venice

This entire city is centered around controlling water. Omnipresent front-door flood dam:

Venice has great doorbell game. If it hasn’t already been done, I think someone should make a coffee table book of these:

This city is also quite prolific when it comes to urban laundry:

We found a number of these street ladders. Presumably laundry related:

Religion in the streets:

Window garden:

Balcony gardens. Your reminder that (1) small balconies can still be impactful and that (2) balconies with a relationship to the street are used differently:

Colorful shoes and green curtains:

Grand Canal:

The kind of street we should allow in North American cities:


  1. Aaron Fenton

    No 40 storey condos to see yet Venice continues. Perhaps perplexing to a developer mind.
    Thx for human scale street views.


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