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Map art using Google Earth satellite images

I just discovered the work of artist and photographer Federico Winer. More specifically, I just discovered his ongoing art project called ULTRADISTANCIA, which uses Google Earth satellite imagery as a starting point for beautiful map art. Above is a piece from his “Mines” collection. What… Read More

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Venice in numbers

Here are some interesting figures about Venice take from this recent FT article by Chris Allnutt: Tourist visits to Venice last year were estimated to be about 1/5 of what they usually are Short-term rental bookings as of December 2020 were down about 74% year-over-year… Read More

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The Toronto font

Susan Kare was the screen graphics and font designer for the original Apple Macintosh computer in the 1980s. Being from Philadelphia’s affluent Main Line, she initially proposed that the various fonts be named after the railroad stops along it. However, when Steve Jobs asked where… Read More