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Streets of Venice

This entire city is centered around controlling water. Omnipresent front-door flood dam: Venice has great doorbell game. If it hasn’t already been done, I think someone should make a coffee table book of these: This city is also quite prolific when it comes to urban… Read More

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Map art using Google Earth satellite images

I just discovered the work of artist and photographer Federico Winer. More specifically, I just discovered his ongoing art project called ULTRADISTANCIA, which uses Google Earth satellite imagery as a starting point for beautiful map art. Above is a piece from his “Mines” collection. What… Read More

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Venice in numbers

Here are some interesting figures about Venice take from this recent FT article by Chris Allnutt: Tourist visits to Venice last year were estimated to be about 1/5 of what they usually are Short-term rental bookings as of December 2020 were down about 74% year-over-year… Read More