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Toronto-Montréal should be a 2 hour high-speed train ride

The Quebec City-Windsor corridor is the most densely populated region in Canada. The last time I checked Wikipedia, it was reported to house about 18 million people, or about half of Canada’s entire population.

So it is not surprising that there have been numerous high-speed rail studies for this corridor over the decades, as well as studies for other important links in Alberta (Edmonton-Calgary) and other parts of the country.

And yet, Canada remains the only G7 country without any high-speed rail. Though to be fair, the US doesn’t have all that much either; certainly with respect to the size of its population.

However, there is some good news. In March of this year, the Government of Canada announced a Request for Expression of Interest related to high frequency rail service between Quebec City and Toronto. More information, over here.

But from what I have read, it’ll be a faster upgraded service (~200 km/h), but not true high-speed rail (~250-300 km/h). I took the TGV from Marseille to Paris last summer, and this is how fast we were going:

If we’re going to do this, let’s be the absolute best in the world and not settle for mediocrity.


  1. Ron O'Brien

    Hey Brandon, It’s a “no brainer” to up speed service on the TO, MTL to QB rail corridor! .Think of he benefits to the economy alone, and a more welcome and convenient mode of transport as opposed to being frustrated at Pearson. I’ll take the bar-car on a 2 hour ride to MTL on a high speed train anytime 🙂

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  2. doug pollard

    I can recall not only studies but the actual implementation of faster trains in this corridor (Rapido which I believe hit a cow or a truck on its first trip) These were nothing like the Marseille one which I have also been on or the magnetic one from the Shanghai airport or the famous bullet trains of course. My understanding is one of the major holdbacks is that the entire railbed has to be rebuilt in order to go any faster. As you will recall from the Marseille one the train did not even wobble on the second level as it passed another train and if you have used the existing trains you will no they already wobble at lower speeds without another train nearby. The wobble is rather soothing and I have always used the train from Ottawa to TO because from downtown to downtown it is faster (even at current speeds) and far easier and far more comfortable.. not a security check anywhere to be seen.


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