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Equinox to open its first hotel this summer

Equinox Holdings operates, among other things, 99 fitness clubs in the US, the UK, and Canada. And this June, the first Equinox Hotel will open in a 92-storey tower in New York’s Hudson Yards. It will occupy floors 24 to 38. Below it will be Equinox’s corporate headquarters. And above it will be residential condominiums.

Supposedly, the brand emerged out of a trend that the company saw over a decade ago: Its fitness club members were choosing to stay in hotels based on their proximity to an Equinox. They simply weren’t satisfied with the gym offerings at other luxury hotels.

The full back story, which can be found here in WSJ. Magazine, is a good read. I think their ambition of trying to “own sleep” is a clever one. They are pitching their rooms as dark, quiet, and cool. I am sure other hospitality brands have tried to do this, but Equinox is clearly taking this directive very seriously. They even sponsored a sleep study with UCLA.

This feels like a natural extension of their existing brand. Equinox is focused on regeneration. What better way to accomplish that than through a good night’s sleep?

Image: 35 Hudson Yards via Related-Oxford

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  1. Nick Iozzo

    Life Time Fitness realized people used their wifi before and after their workouts and the gyms became pseudo offices for members. So they created Life Time Works, their own co-share workspace. Life Time is also getting into the branding business (aka Trump) and licensing their name to residential projects as well.

    Fitness branding is alive and well!

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