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The American Institute of Architects’ 2019 Housing Awards

The American Institute of Architects just presented its 2019 Housing Awards. 12 housing projects were recognized across four categories.

Some of the projects I have written about before — such as the Tiny Tower in North Philadelphia. But most of the projects haven’t been covered on this blog. One of my favorites, among the winners, is the Oak Park Housing project in Sacramento by Johnsen Schamling Architects.

I like that the massing is simple and that it’s a dense — 6 unit — urban infill project in an area of Sacramento that has been struggling with disinvestment for many decades. According to the architect, it is one of the first residential projects in the neighborhood since the Oak Park Riots of 1969.

Three of the homes front onto the main street. And the other three front onto and are accessed from a rear alley. Each home is just over 1,500 square feet. The project also had “an ambitiously limited construction budget“, so let’s call it an example of good design not having to necessarily cost a lot of money.

I’m guessing their land costs were reasonable.

Photo: John J. Macaulay

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