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Friluftsliv (or open air living)

Johnathon Little (husband) and Zoe Little (wife) recently launched a new housing concept out of the UK called Koto, which is supposedly Finnish for “cozy at home.” 

(Before Koto, Johnathon worked for Snohetta in Oslo.)

The goal of the company is to create beautiful, small, and prefabricated houses and cabins that allow people to connect with nature. 

It is inspired by the Nordic concept Friluftsliv. The literal translation is “open air living” but, more specifically, it is about the benefits of nature on our mental and personal wellbeing.

Their small cabin has a footprint of 15 square meters and their large cabin has a footprint of 40 square meters. Base prices run from about £33,500 to £63,500. A bathroom is optional.

The most obvious use case for me is that of a bunkie. For more on Koto, check out their website and Instagram.

Photos: Koto

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