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Districts versus spines

I was recently having a discussion on Twitter about midrise buildings and architect Dermot Sweeny raised the important distinction between creating “spines” and creating “districts.” What he was referring to with “spines” was the way in which Toronto is intensifying its “Avenues” with midrise buildings.… Read More

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The Hong Kong window ledge

My friends at the architecture practice Valente Rodgers told me something fascinating about the Hong Kong real estate market last night. Both partners worked as architects in Hong Kong for a number of years. In Hong Kong, you’re allowed to deduct certain projecting windows from… Read More

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The third Los Angeles

I just stumbled upon an interview with Christopher Hawthorne (architecture critic for the Los Angeles Times) talking about a “third Los Angeles.”  His argument is that the first Los Angeles ran from about 1880 to World War II, and was characterized by a form of… Read More

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Where will we live?

This evening I participated in a roundtable discussion at WORKshop here in Toronto. It was part of an exhibition that they currently have on called, Toronto 2020: Where Will We Live? They are located in the concourse level of 80 Bloor Street West, so go… Read More