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The Copenhagen kolonihave

Well this is an interesting concept. One part allotment garden and one part summer home. Copenhagen’s kolonihave is a community of small homes and gardens within biking distance of Copenhagen’s city center. A place to get away and maybe plant some fresh mint for mojitos.… Read More

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Become a Sidewalk Toronto Fellow

Sidewalk Toronto is currently looking for “12 smart, creative, and caring people who are interested in the future of Toronto’s waterfront and how we [Sidewalk Toronto] can responsibly incorporate technology to improve urban life.” Each Fellow will complete a 2-day orientation session in Toronto; 6 days… Read More

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Inviting behaviors

The following paragraph is a great way to describe urban cycling and to explain how our built environment can explicitly invite certain behaviors: “If you want people to drive, build more automobile infrastructure. If you want people to bike, build better bike infrastructure. In San… Read More