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Bjarke Ingels and Rut Otero’s houseboat in Copenhagan

So I just learned that architects Bjarke Ingels and Rut Otero live in a converted Norwegian houseboat in Copenhagen’s harbor. A friend of mine sent me the Architectural Digest article this morning with the caption, “now I want one.” The space is exceedingly cool and interesting, but supposedly the heat and water stop working on occasion. Minor annoyance, I suppose. But in addition to being cool and interesting, there’s also a resiliency argument. Houseboats don’t have to worry about sea level rise, because they just float. (Could this type of floating housing be deployed at scale? Ingels thinks so.) In this case, they also repurposed an existing structure, which is generally more sustainable than building something new. I guess I’ll take one as well.

For the full houseboat tour, head over here.

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  1. Bernt Hage

    The Converted ferry is a masterpiece of a generous home, wonder if Bjarne Ingels has completed the car collector’s home for Mads Peter Vejby in Aarhus?


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