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The maker’s schedule

Four years ago I wrote about a great essay that Paul Graham had published way back in 2009 about two different kinds of schedules: the manager’s schedule and the maker’s schedule. Put differently, the manager’s schedule is one of command. It is for bosses to… Read More

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The geography of superstars

We often talk about superstar cities such as New York, London and, in the case of tech, San Francisco. But what about the superstar people that drive these economies? Aaron Renn recently wrote a post called “The Superstar Gap”, where he argues that the interior of… Read More

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Manager vs. maker

I am a big believer in making things.  That could be writing a blog post, recording a podcast, coding an app, designing a building, making something tangible, or whatever. It is the act of creating something. And it’s one of the reasons I love what… Read More