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French people like electric scooters

Toronto doesn’t like electric scooters. Something about them being dangerous. But here are some interesting statistics for France, which has apparently become the leading scooter market in Europe:

  • The Fédération des Professionnels de la Micromobilité (FPMM) — yes, this exists — estimates that there are about 2.5 million regular scooter users in France.
  • In 2021, about 900,000 units were sold in the country, which represents a 42% increase compared to 2020.
  • Sales directly to users is outstripping the revenue from self-service operators such as Lime, Bird, Dott, and Voi. Current annual estimates are in the range of €310 million and €40 million, respectively.
  • About 50% of scooter sales are happening at grocery stores, compared to 30% at other retailers, and 20% online. (This is kind of interesting. I wonder if people are impulse buying while shopping for food.)

I am a big fan of electric scooters. And all of this suggests to me that scooter adoption is likely to continue, that we are going to need to start thinking more about how best to incorporate them into our cities, and that eventually Toronto will have to stop being so conservative.


  1. Michael Glassman

    When Toronto’s climate becomes that of Paris, and travel distances match that of French cities, I am sure our adoption rates will converge. Until that happens, I am doubtful.

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  2. Salut Brandon, my first visit in Paris in 2010 was very interesting for the multiple ways of commuting in the city person I am,.. with less interest in the use of car…

    Few years ago an engineer from France told a crowd at a public transit development meeting that the french were biking to work in a 5km radius from home, with electric bike it is now 15km radius!!! Thats the future: electric mobility!

    I have an electric bike since 4 months and love it. I still use my bike in town however I am now unable to climb to Belvedere Champlain of Parc de la Gatineau. The bike makes this 40 km ride possible, enjoyable and not to difficult.


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