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Cycling to the office

Right now my typical morning commute consists of a 15 minute walk and a quick stop off for a coffee. I must admit that I’m spoiled. But next year I’ll be moving to the Junction and so that means I’m going to need to make some minor adjustments to my routine.

I fully expect that on warm summer nights I’ll probably still walk home on occasion. But broadly speaking, my loose plan is a combination of cycling, e-scootering, and taking the Union Pearson Express train.

Then this evening I was out for drinks with one of our partners and two of the guys were talking about how they cycle to work each morning and compete on Strava to make sure everything gets properly logged. One of them actually lives near the Junction and his regular route is down through High Park and then across along the lake.

Naturally I got inspired and decided — after two beers — that I too should join this competition. So I have now obligated myself to cycling to the office starting next year. That said, I could probably use a new bike, and I’m hoping that some of you will have recommendations.

My criteria is as follows: it should look impossibly cool, it should work for a daily commute, and it should be at least somewhat suitable for tight-fitting clothes and long rides through the French countryside (even though I currently have no concrete plans of doing such a thing).

Any thoughts?


  1. Steven Heuchert

    Brandon. Good for you! I have been using a Brompton fold up for the past six years. I have commuted, recreated, and toured for many miles through UK, Japan and elsewhere. It folds into a standard size suitcase for travel and is a true fast touring bike. They just released a new model P line which is exceptionally light. And you fold it and take it into your office. Never gets stolen. You can buy them at Curbside Cycle on Bloor.

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  2. Eric Roseman

    Look at Ryan Johnson (CEO of Culdesac) twitter. He’s a real estate guy / tech guy who has gone deep on the e-bike craze and has written tons of posts and resources about it.

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  3. Two thoughts from this somewhat older reader: carbon-fiber and lots of gears (27 in my case) for ease of riding, especially on hills. I’m not quite at the e-bike stage yet, but the majority of bikes in NYC are e-something now, and they like to whiz by mere biking riders. Some are even gas-powered small motorcycles that ought to be ridden on the street only, but whose riders have decided not get licensed! Biking infrastructure is a work very much in progress, probably where you are too. It might be worth joining the local bike advocacy group in your area too.


  4. Richard Witt

    Use your influence and advocate for the rail path extension! Now from the junction to Dundas West, next phase supposed to got to Queen Dufferin and then it’s all bike lanes.
    I have a Masi Speciale Otto. Looks like a fixie, only rear gears, deep rims. Perfect for stylish commuting.

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  5. Hi Brandon,
    We circulate your ideas and comments a lot in our company, but this is the first time we can help you! We work with architects and giant companies to help make bike commuting normal and easy. Glad to give suggestions. There have never been so many good options!

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