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All-in-one real estate transactions

Opendoor just published its 2021 year in review.

In it are a few interesting figures about the housing market in the US. According to a recent survey that the company did, the average first-time buyer made 10 offers before successfully securing a home last year. The percentage of all-cash offers is also up to 25% from 15% a year ago. What is clear is that demand is currently outstripping supply. Based on these figures, housing supply in the US is at the lowest it has been since the early 1980s.

But of course, the real point of the year in review was to talk about all of the great things that Opendoor has been doing to digitize the real estate industry. Perhaps the most interesting is its focus on creating “all-in-one real estate transactions.” What this aims to do is consolidate the now separate processes of selling a home, buying a new home, and obtaining financing, into one digital workflow. Whether or not Opendoor is the one to do it, I believe that this is the future.

And what we have learned from other industries (that have successfully digitized) is that when you make something super easy, people end up doing a lot more of it.

Full disclosure: I’m still long $OPEN.


  1. Benjamin Gianni

    This was effectively what was done just after the 2nd WW to see homes that the merchant builders (e.g, the Levitts) were building. It was a one stop shop for house and financing — and even TVs and appliances,m which could be folded into the mortgage. This was possible given that many of the developments were supported by the FHA and the thresholds to buying were so low (no money down for veterans, etc).


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