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InsurEye acquires the Dirt

Back in 2013, my friend Mike Lerner and I designed, developed, and launched a condo review platform called the Dirt ( It’s hard to believe that it’s already been five years.

Our mission was to empower real estate consumers through greater transparency in the marketplace. And we did this by crowdsourcing condo building reviews, as well as pricing comps.

Today we are excited to announce that InsurEye Inc. has acquired the Dirt. InsurEye began as a moderated insurance review platform for home, auto, and life insurance, but it has since grown to include condo reviews.

The team at InsurEye shares a very similar goal of creating greater transparency in the marketplace, and so we are thrilled that they will be picking up where we left off.

Press release, here.

P.S. The Dirt is the reason why I started the daily blog that you are reading right now. I started writing for the company and fell in love with it as a discipline and practice. Life is lived forwards, but understood backwards.

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