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Flux launches Austin Preview to help streamline development


I recently wrote about a startup called in a post titled: How technology could completely change the real estate development industry. Given that I received a lot of positive feedback on this post, I thought I would let you all know that, as of today, you can now test out the product yourself for free online.

Here are a few snippets from today’s announcement:

At Flux we believe that data, analytics, and visualization can help bridge understanding between stakeholders and result in smarter growth and faster development and faster building. The Austin Preview of Flux Metro is an important first step in this direction.

Flux Metro aggregates geographic data from public and private sources to build a three dimensional visualization, starting with downtown Austin. Alongside a rendering of the existing landscape, Metro shows what can be built on a lot or parcel under the zoning code. It considers more than 10,000 code sections for land use guidelines, height limits, floor area limits, setbacks, and view access rights as well as the locations of protected trees and daylight shadows to project what can be built and how it fits into the existing environment.

We believe that everybody should be able to understand what a zoning code means for their city and that visual representations are the best way to create a shared understanding.

Click here to signup and give it a try. It is based on Austin’s development code and on the same building site that was shown in the video I shared in my post.

Image: Flux

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