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Home remodeling site Houzz valued at $2.3 billion

Earlier this week it was announced that home remodeling site Houzz raised a $150 million Series D round, which would value the company at around $2.3 billion, post-money. Meaning, that’s the value of the company including the money it just raised.

If you’ve never used Houzz before, it’s a platform that offers design inspiration for remodeling projects, products for sale, and a directory of home professionals. The company makes money by selling products through its online storefront and through premium accounts for the pros.

The perceived value of Houzz likely stems from the fact that it provides a platform to address the estimated $300 billion home improvement market. But what I see as really exciting is the potential for Houzz to bring even greater transparency to the whole renovation and construction marketplace.

Already Houzz has started to aggregate data on average renovation costs throughout the US. But there’s a lot more they could do. Professional reviews and design inspirations are great, but I can imagine them “moving up the stack” to start acting as a king of virtual general contractor that manages more of the actual renovation process.

And that would be pretty powerful.

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