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Paris vs. New York bike lanes

It’s one thing to have bike lanes. And it’s another thing to have really generous bike lanes. The above video by Streetfilms does a good job of comparing Paris to New York City, and showing just how far Paris has come in terms of cycling infrastructure. Some of you might remember that in the fall of last year, Paris announced plans to become a “100% cycling city.” This was a follow-on to their plan vélo 2015-2020, which saw a doubling of the city’s bike lanes. The current plan, which covers 2021-2026, includes 130 km of new bike lanes and 52 km of pandemic lanes that have been (or will be) made permanent. But again, it’s one thing to have a lot of bike lanes. And it’s another thing to have a lot of wide bike lanes that look like the ones in this video.


  1. aaron fenton

    Have bike commuted 20 min each way since the 1980’s. Toronto is so much better now. Wonderful improvements for safety and access. Thanks to Joe Cressy and other councillors for their foresight.
    we lived in USA for 3 years and made many wonderful friends. Nevertheless, over the years have declined several USA big city job opportunities. Glad we stayed here.


    • beatricevandijk

      Great comment – we are Torontonians in NY (but ‘burbs) and every time I come home I am delighted by the expanded bike infrastructure. Shoutout to Jennifer Keesmaat for changing the discourse around transportation in Toronto and offering a Dutch POV on cycling.


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