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Smarter, simpler, happier

A good friend of mine in Philadelphia just recommended a new book to me by Diana Lind called, Brave New Home: Our Future in Smarter, Simpler, Happier Housing. I haven’t read it yet, so I can’t in good conscience recommend it to you all or comment with any sort of precision.

But the New York Times seems to think that Diana has convincingly argued that the single-family home is at least partially to blame for a whole host of our societal challenges — everything from economic inequality to loneliness.

This is, of course, not an entirely new narrative. But it is perhaps a timely read given that we are living through a period of time where loneliness seems to be on the rise and people are allegedly fleeing our urban centers in search of space and distance.

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  1. Nancy cohen

    It would be interesting to study where people are the happiest – single family home or multi-residential. It’s a single lens that one looks through when “single family homes are the blame for a whole host of societal challenges”. Sounds more like blame than anything else. Don’t happy people make happy cities?


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