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Learning about O-zones

I spent this evening reading about Opportunity Zones, or “O-zones”, in the United States.  For a census tract to become an O-zone, it has to have a poverty rate of 20% or higher, or the median household income has to be less than 80% of the… Read More

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Screw Toronto

Hamilton, Ontario is on the rise. It’s no secret.  In fact, Toronto Life just ran a piece called The New Hamiltonians, where it profiled ex-Torontonians who have made the move west for more affordable housing and a higher quality of life. What stands out for… Read More

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Big bad developer

I just stumbled upon an older (2014) article by Oliver Wainwright in the Guardian called, The truth about property developers: how they are exploiting authorities and ruining our cities. In case the title didn’t give it away, it’s a scathing article about the current state… Read More

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Harry Macklowe, 80

For those of you interested in real estate development (and architecture), the New York Times recently published an article about New York developer Harry Macklowe.  At 80 years old, he has been in the business for almost 60 years and he has what some might… Read More