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Transit data tells us that people don’t like Mondays

My unscientific Jimmy the Greek Reopening Index has led me to believe that flexible hours have resulted in more people working from home on both Mondays and Fridays. The middle of the week seems to when demand peaks for delicious lunchtime souvlaki.

But that may only be half right. According to some recent transit data from New York City, which looked at weekday subway ridership between October 2021 and March 2022, it seems to only be Mondays where people really prefer to stay at home:

What you are seeing here is subway ridership per day (with any holidays removed from the data set). Mondays, on average, saw 2,815,166 rides per day, whereas the average for non-Mondays was 3,026,371 per day. So over this particular 6 month period, Monday ridership was about 7% lower.

The probable takeaway: People seem to like to ease into the week.

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  1. Judith Martin

    I don’t know if you have the same rude word in Canada or if it’s only in the UK, but here the mid-week people are referred to, tongue in cheek, (at least by a railway person I was speaking to) as twats. That’s Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday. In fact, far from being obnoxious or stupid they’re just being sensible. A four day/three day split is obvious.


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