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Lobby / co-working space at Junction House

It has been cold and snowy in Toronto lately, which is great if you’re looking to shred pow on a snowboard, but suboptimal if you’re trying to construct buildings. It pains me deep inside my bone marrow when we lose productive days to weather. But what can you do?

I was, however, thrilled to see this first glimpse (pictured above) of the lobby / co-working space at Junction House this morning. The slightly elevated section (which is the point of view of the above rendering) is the co-working area.

The reason it’s elevated is that we needed the clearance below for our parking ramp. We thought about trying to make it retail, but a place for residents to hang out and work seemed like a pretty good idea.

A lot of us on the team are big fans of a great hotel lobby bar, but that’s kind of challenging to do in a residential condominium. This is maybe the next best thing. It’s been very popular with purchasers so far, but I’m looking forward to seeing how it performs in real life.


  1. doug pollard

    only an architect could get thrilled with a raw concrete snowy, subzero space especially when such spaces are actually colder than the outside air at this time of the year

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  2. Jakob Petsovits

    I don’t see power outlets in your rendering. That would surely be an important feature for any coworking space? Hopefully just missing from the rendering but still present in the final manifestation, or perhaps on another table that’s not pictured here.


    • doug pollard

      rare indeed would be the inclusion of power outlets and light swithches any rendering


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