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Map art using Google Earth satellite images

I just discovered the work of artist and photographer Federico Winer. More specifically, I just discovered his ongoing art project called ULTRADISTANCIA, which uses Google Earth satellite imagery as a starting point for beautiful map art.

Above is a piece from his “Mines” collection. What you are seeing is the Ekati Diamond Mine in Canada’s Northwest Territories. It is located about 310 km northeast of Yellowknife, 200 km south of the Article Circle, and apparently it’s Canada’s first surface and underground diamond mine.

In addition to using images of mines, Federico has transformed airports, ports, and other urban landscapes. Here is a link to his “Selected” gallery, which includes places ranging from Venice to Minas Gerais, Brazil. I think his work is amazing.

If you’re interested in learning more about his workflow, you can also check out this short video.


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