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Berlin apartment rent freeze has frozen capital expenditures

Last year, the city of Berlin agreed to a five year rent freeze for some 1.5 million flats constructed before 2014. The way it was initially approved is that it would freeze rents at mid-2019 levels and allow for only 1.3% inflationary increases. All of this is being challenged in the courts, but the Financial Times is suggesting that it could still come into force by March 2020. Here is an excerpt from a recent article. (Guy Chazan isn’t holding back about the kind of people that he believes Berlin attracts.)

The legislation, which should come into force by March this year, is City Hall’s response to a lingering housing crisis that shows no sign of easing. Packed out with Brexit refugees, international party people and wannabe tech entrepreneurs, Berlin is in expansion mode, its population growing by 40,000 a year. Yet affordable housing remains scarce. Rents have doubled over the past decade, as new residential construction fails to keep up with soaring demand.

As I mentioned before on the blog, these policies are not intended to apply to new buildings. That would surely choke off new construction, which would only exacerbate the underlying supply issue that Berlin is facing. But not surprisingly, this move has also put a freeze on capital expenditures, according to the same FT article. Local trades are complaining that, “It’s as if someone’s just turned out the lights.”

Photo by Gilly on Unsplash

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