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My life as a tram

Love them or hate them (I happen to love them), Toronto’s streetcars are part of this city’s identity. Most North American cities got rid of their streetcars around the middle of the 20th century. But Toronto didn’t. And that has left us with the largest… Read More

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Red streetcar tracks

A few months ago when I wrote about “Toronto’s great streets” I mentioned that Queens Quay West – while magnificent – has had its share of issues. Cyclists and pedestrians often find themselves battling for space. And drivers are consistently driving in the wrong places.… Read More

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Toronto’s great streets

Last week the Ryerson City Building Institute published a terrific report on Toronto’s Great Streets. It profiles five streets in the city that have been “redesigned for greatness.” They are: Harbord Street (continuous bike lanes) Roncesvalles Avenue (placemaking and people) St. Clair Avenue West (dedicated streetcar… Read More

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Learning from King Street

Toronto is now a week into the King Street Transit Pilot. It’s still early days and transit guru Steve Munro hasn’t yet published any before and after route performance. He will. But already the sentiment seems to be clear: This shit is working. There are many recounts… Read More

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The best party in town!

Friend: Ever go to Jilly’s? Me: No, actually. Friend: Same. Me: What about you? [Addressed to random guy in elevator] Random guy in elevator: I’m from Portland. I don’t know what you’re talking about. I went to check out the new Broadview Hotel last night… Read More

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Automobile vs. tram

In grad school, I was fortunate enough to be a teaching assistant for a class called Urban Real Estate Economics, which was taught by Dr. Richard Voith. It was one of my favorite classes. So if you ever find yourself at the Wharton School, I… Read More