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How many days a week are you in the office?

At the end of August, our office closed for two weeks so that we could shuffle a bunch of desks around. During that time, we all worked remotely. I spent one week working from home and one week working from Utah. Being in Utah in the summer was, of course, a great treat. Everybody appreciates having more rather than less flexibility in how they structure their workday.

But at the same time, being away from the office reminded me just how much I hate working from home. I hate the onslaught of calls and zooms that ensue when you’re not proximate to the people you work with. I hate being distracted by the thought that I should probably do a load of laundry. And importantly, I also find that I have less energy.

One of the ways that extroverts and introverts are often defined is according to where they derive their energy from. The former is said to derive more of their energy from being around other people and the latter is said to derive their energy from being by themselves. Introverts need time to recharge. Of course, most people probably need both of these things. I certainly do.

But I think this is an important consideration as we all debate work-from-home policies. I enjoy being in the office. And I can tell you that our team overwhelmingly does as well. People were starting to get antsy during our two week hiatus. But not everybody feels the same way, which is why I wasn’t expecting this (the above) Twitter poll result.

At the time of writing this post there were fewer than 200 responses. But even with limited data points, I was expecting more of a bell curve, with the majority of people doing some sort of hybrid thing. That is not the case here. The results were fairly equal with 5 days a week having a slight edge. My sense is that WFH is continuing to wane.

But I don’t know, you tell me: What is your work routine right now and what would you consider optimal?

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  1. doug pollard

    I work at home 100% and prefer it. I work with a team that is entirely home based, before, after, and during Covid. We only have one Zoom style meeting per month. Even when I had my own firm with a dozen employees and again when I worked for a large federal institution (where lots of time is wasted ) I always had at least one day at home and sometimes in a park.. for me it is the MOST productive. A lot depends on what you do (plus of course your own personality). Luckily we are all different and that makes, as they say, the world go round.


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