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Toronto’s tech cluster(s)

A recent study by the City of Toronto has looked at why tech firms cluster (agglomeration economies) and where they cluster in the city. Here are maps of what they found:

Downtown captured almost half (49.2%) of all tech employment in the city with some 29,701 jobs. The South Employment Monitoring Area, which is the area outlined above in blue, captured 63.4% of the city’s tech base.

I usually shy away from headlines touting some total number of tech jobs because I feel that it can become a bit of a vanity metric. What about the quality of those jobs? How much venture capital have the companies raised?

But this report is different and it is interesting to see the extent in which tech has concentrated itself in the core of the city. As of 2019, jobs in tech establishments represented about 4% of all jobs in Toronto.

To download a copy of the report, click here.

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