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A merit-based system

I went to graduate school in the United States. After I graduated I was given, if I remember correctly, 90 days to leave the country. The US wasn’t a good place for professionals in architecture and/or real estate at that particular time, and so I did exactly that. I left the country.

Lately, I’ve been having a number of informational coffee meetings here in Toronto where I have been connecting with highly intelligent and educated people who have moved to this city in search of success. They couldn’t get a visa in the US and so they decided to, instead, move to the greatest city in the world.

These are people from Brazil to Bangladesh. These are people who are young (late 20’s), who have multiple masters degrees, who are hungry to get ahead, and who have a strong, if not perfect, command of English (or French).

I have been finding this fascinating. As I sit and drink my coffee, I can’t help but think to myself, “This is what a merit-based immigration system looks like.”


  1. Tbone

    best country in the world, the USA is a shell of its former self when it comes to immigration


  2. Nidhi M.

    As someone who immigrated through the skilled worker program, haven’t seen a truly merit based immigration system without prejudice anywhere else.

    Whats doing to be the deal maker though is for newcomers to make this home. My husband and I are in professions that either require licensing or joining a union. Both those processes happen to be long and tedious – and we could complain about it, but we’re both glad to go through the grind because we get a chance to learn about and grow with this new system. You don’t find industries and systems in other countries giving as much opportunity and freedom to start over & integrate. We certainly didn’t move just to live our old lives at a new address… thats not the point of immigrating.
    In order to make ‘the greatest city in the world’ our home… we’re learning a whole lot about it and unlearning a few things too!

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