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Landowner vs. city

In my BARED post with Michael Cooper he described real estate development as being one of the most creative things you can do because of all of the constraints that one has to deal with. This certainly feels true on many days. A lot of… Read More

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What Facebook knows about you

Here is an eye-opening article from data scientist Vicki Boykis outlining the number of ways in which Facebook collects data about its users. It’s called: What should you think about when using Facebook? One of the more surprising tidbits from Boykis’ article is that Facebook… Read More

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Escalator etiquette

I am one of those people that gets annoyed when people don’t follow proper escalator etiquette. The etiquette being: stand on the right; walk on the left. Some cities – London and Tokyo come to mind – are draconian about this. But it turns out… Read More

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The winter garden

Balconies, outdoor spaces and, more broadly, the relationship between inside and outside are important considerations in multi-family residential design. Earlier this year, Mansion Global ran a piece talking about a recent trend in cities such as New York, Toronto, and London, where high-rise outdoor spaces… Read More

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We’re still on road pricing

The New York Times recently argued that self-driving cars can’t cure traffic, but that economics can. Here is the key soundbite: “Maybe autonomous cars will be different from other capacity expansions,” Mr. Turner said. “But of the things we have observed so far, the only… Read More