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Less is a bore

Architect Robert Venturi died this week at his home in Philadelphia. He was 93. Here is his obituary from the New York Times. Robert Venturi was, along with his partner and wife Denise Scott Brown, a central figure in 20th century American architecture. He is… Read More

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Getting older

Yesterday I promised that today’s post would be less sad. I am sticking to that promise, but I am also sticking with a somewhat similar theme: getting older. Fast Company recently published an interview with New York-based architect Matthias Hollwich. The topic is aging and… Read More

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A short history of redlining

In 1933, the United States Congress created the Home Owners’ Loan Corporation (HOLC). With foreclosures rising as a result of The Great Depression, the task of the agency was to provide new low-interest mortgages to both homeowners and private mortgage lenders. Between 1993 and 1936,… Read More