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Housing is a bitch

I just discovered Steve Randy Waldman’s blog called Interfluidity and, more specifically, a post he wrote called: “Home is where the cartel is.” I am now following him. He starts off by saying that housing is a bitch, which is just him saying that urban housing… Read More

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The yellowbelt

We talk a lot about the greenbelt here in Toronto. Some argue that it’s squeezing the housing market and driving up prices. But what about the yellowbelt? (Credit to Gil Meslin for the term.) Here is a land use map of Toronto: The yellow areas… Read More

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Transparent offer platform

A new “transparent offer platform” called Haus has just launched in California to serve the residential real estate market. The way it works is that all offers are submitted online. And once an offer has been confirmed, it – along with all of its terms –… Read More