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How did we miss this?

I promise that this post won’t be all about laneways. This afternoon Erin Davis of Torontoist published a post called: Are Laneway Suites a Solution to Toronto’s Housing Crisis? There’s a quote in it from yours truly: Brandon Donnelly, a 34-year-old real estate developer, has… Read More

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Laneway suites are happening

Today I learned that Councillor Ana Bailão and Councillor Mary-Margaret McMahon have put forward a motion to the June 13, 2017 Toronto and East York Community Council. It asks the Chief Planner and City Planning to undertake further public consultation and report back in Q1… Read More

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Show some laneway love

I just want to do a quick follow-up to my recent post about the momentum currently developing around laneway housing here in Toronto.  In the post, I mentioned that two councillors have come out in support of this housing typology. However, I neglected to mention… Read More