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Building the future

Toronto-based heritage architect Michael McClelland recently published a piece in Spacing called: Misuse of Heritage Conservation Districts can deaden both past and future.  Here are a couple of snippets: The City of Toronto believes it has found a silver bullet to control development pressure in… Read More

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Thoughts on inclusionary zoning

Ontario is looking to pass legislation that would allow municipalities in the province to implement something known as inclusionary zoning. If passed and should municipalities decide to use this tool (Toronto almost certainly would), developers would then be required and/or incentivized to include some percentage… Read More

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The high cost of poor land use

London street of early 20th century Edwardian terraced houses by Bombaert Patrick on 500px Over the weekend The Economist published an interesting article called, Space and the city: Poor land use in the world’s greatest cities carries a huge cost. The argument is that land isn’t… Read More