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Operating at the margins

I’ve been thinking about land markets as of late and so today I thought I would share a post by Toby Lloyd that I recently discovered called: Understanding and adapting the land market is key to solving our housing crisis (2014). It’s from the London School of… Read More

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The 0.1%

City Observatory recently published a post called, The 0.1 percent solution: Inclusionary zoning’s fatal scale problem.  I recognize the political attractiveness of this land use policy, but I’ve always been skeptical about its effectiveness.  Here’s an excerpt from the post: “While inclusionary zoning gets top… Read More

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One becomes four

The New York Times posted an interesting article today talking about how roommates in the city are dividing and conquering expensive rentals using temporary walls. This is obviously not a new practice. But it’s a good case study in what people will do in order… Read More