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Winner-take-all cities

Richard Florida, Charlotta Mellander, and Karen M. King have a new working paper out called Winner-Take-All Cities. It is about the phenomenon of “winner-take-all urbanism” and how a select number of alpha cities seem to overrepresent when it comes to talent, economic activity, innovation, and wealth… Read More

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Big, bold, and global

I love the way that urban planner Joe Berridge thinks about Toronto and city building. He is constantly considering our position on the global stage and urging us to fight for a top position by executing on real and meaningful projects.  Here is a recent… Read More

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Journeys by walking

Arup, the global consulting firm, has an interesting publication out called Cities Alive: Towards a walking world. The report highlights 50 benefits of walking and then 40 actions that city leaders can take today to transform their cities. The entire study was informed by examining… Read More