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Locals hate you

BlogTO recently reported that “snarky anti-condo signs” have been popping up around Toronto. Here is one of them via Instagram. It reads (in all caps): Dear Condo Dwellers: Locals Hate You Go Fuck Yourself.  I find these posters curious, though it is obvious that they are… Read More

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Screw Toronto

Hamilton, Ontario is on the rise. It’s no secret.  In fact, Toronto Life just ran a piece called The New Hamiltonians, where it profiled ex-Torontonians who have made the move west for more affordable housing and a higher quality of life. What stands out for… Read More

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Site: Volume 6

Urban Capital just released Volume 6 of its annual publication called Site. (Sadly, I missed the party.) The cover, shown above, is a photo of Shayne Dark’s 90 foot public art installation at Tableau Condominiums. The piece is called NOVA and it’s located at the… Read More