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Apple and the humanities

This morning I came across two news item that are interesting in their own right, but also have a noteworthy relationship. $AAPL now has a market cap that exceeds $1 trillion. And not surprisingly, everyone, from the New York Times to Bloomberg (photo essay), is talking… Read More

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Writing is thinking

Steven Sinofsky recently tweeted out this thread where he talks about the virtues of writing in business. His argument: writing is thinking. Writing is difficult. It takes a lot of time. I’ve been writing posts – albeit short ones – on this blog every day… Read More

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Contentment as vice

“Contentment used to be a virtue. Now it’s a vice.” I came across this line on Brad Feld’s blog.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with Brad, he is a successful entrepreneur and early stage VC investor. He cofounded the Foundry Group, Mobius Venture… Read More