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Power to the people

Bloomberg columnist Barry Ritholtz recently interviewed Richard Barton about his startup companies. Barton founded Expedia while he was an executive at Microsoft (Gates and Ballmer era) and then went on to cofound Zillow (real estate site) and Glassdoor (jobs site).  I’ve been following the work… Read More

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Where do you shop?

Matthew Townsend of Bloomberg recently published an interesting article talking about the dominance of (and online shopping in general); the shift towards experiences over stuff; and the languishing brick-and-mortar brands that keep saying it’s the macroeconomy, rather their product/approach, which is causing sales to… Read More

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Sharing walls with strangers

Barry Ritholtz recently published an article in Bloomberg View called: Still a Lot of Negativity on Housing.  He basically says that “many people” should go out and buy a home given the current state of the US housing market and the historically low interest rates. That’s… Read More