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It’s time to build, but not here


Let’s assume for a second that you penned an article back in April 2020 called, “It’s time to build.” And in this article, you argued, among other things, that we’re not building nearly enough housing and that home prices are skyrocketing as a result.

Now let’s assume that a new multi-family zoning overlay is being proposed for your own neighborhood in an attempt to increase said housing supply and alleviate some of the concerns around home prices. And in response to this proposal, you pen this:

One might call this being hypocritical. But I’m not here to name call. I think the real lesson is what Jerusalem Demsas points out in her recent article, “The Billionaire’s Dilemma.”

What we have is a macro-micro disconnect that policy makers need to be more aware of. At the macro level we know what we should be doing in order to achieve our stated objectives. But if we allow people at the micro level to veto these efforts, they often will, and sometimes using ALL CAPS.

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  1. doug pollard

    Such classic NIMBY. All those concerns for one thing are rarely justified, just common unsubstantiated fears.
    Let’s assume that the zoning overlays were placed with some considerations and that they are in an appropriate location.That being the case then of course one person’s plaintiff plea should not be permitted to block things any more than one misguided senator should be able to block major progress on the US… but it does happen unfortunately


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