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The Canada mission

It’s the Christmas and holiday season, which means two very important things. 

One, it’s time for the latest rendition of Urban Capital’s annual Naughty or Nice party. That was last week and it was #7. Here are the obligatory photo booth snaps to prove it happened.

And two, the latest issue of Site Magazine (from Urban Capital) is now out. 

This year I wrote a piece called “The Canada mission”. It’s all about Urban Capital’s pan-Canadian mission to build from coast to coast. How it happened. The challenges. What’s driving it. And what have been the results.

The article includes case studies from Urban Capital’s two newest markets: Saskatoon and Winnipeg. 

One of the things that I didn’t fully appreciate until I started researching for the article was just how pioneering these projects were. At the time, there were no proof points to suggest that the pro formas would work. And this is a leap of faith that Urban Capital has had to make on many of its projects.

Click here to download a PDF of the full magazine.

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