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The branding of places

Most people would agree that branding is a powerful and important exercise in the world of business. We recognize that brand equity is something that pays dividends in the future. When you walk around a city with a Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or some other coffee… Read More

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The impression you are leaving

“Toronto is a city that has long struggled to make any sort of impression on the imagination.” That is how Monocle correspondent Christopher Frey started his recent architectural feature on Toronto’s iconic City Hall. To watch the video click here. It’s about 5 minutes long.… Read More

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The death of driving

Last night my father and I were walking to dinner and he commented to me that he thinks my generation will be a lot healthier than his–at least on average–given how much more my generation walks. I responded by reaffirming to him how little I… Read More