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Dirt: Activity Feed (Wireframe)

In my last post, I discussed the problem that I think needs solving: There’s lots of real estate activity happening all around us and there’s no easy way to discover it, follow it and network around it. I used the example of a new house going up in my neighbourhood that I’ve been manually following — that is, driving by. 

I’d now like to start proposing solutions to this problem. Above, is a basic wireframe solution for a property based activity feed. The idea here is that users would be able to follow both properties and people. Anytime a property gets updated or a person being followed provides an update, it would show up in the activity feed. I really like the idea of creating my own custom portfolio of properties (by following them) and then getting a tailored newsfeed every time I launch Dirt. I really think something like this is lacking in the marketplace. 

The ‘GPS’ button at the top right is intended to satisfy another one of my wants. I’m often in a new neighbourhood or city and I just want to get a quick read on the market/area.

  • How much does real estate cost in this area? How much new development is in the pipeline?
  • What do the apartments look like inside that cool looking building?
  • Who owns this building?

The list goes on. By hitting ‘GPS’, the idea is that the activity feed would simply switch from a tailored newsfeed (based on my “portfolio” of properties) to just the activity that’s happening around me. It would also be a great way for users to discover new properties and people to follow and interact with.

Over the coming weeks, I’ll be posting a number of other Dirt wireframes. Next up will be the series of screens that allow users to input new property activity.