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Winner take all

We have talked a lot on this blog about the concentration of economic activity in global cities. Here is an old post about a paper called “winner-take-all-cities”, which documents the overrepresentation of talent, economic activity, innovation, and wealth creation in a select number of alpha cities.… Read More

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Internet Trends 2017

Mary Meeker – who is a partner in the VC firm Kleiner Perkins – just recently released her annual Internet Trends report.  I’ve pasted the table of contents above so you can quickly decide if you’d like to spend your time going through it. The… Read More

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Rinse and repeat

Venture capitalist Matt Turck has a post up on his blog that is packed full of information about the New York City tech ecosystem. (He has also written similar posts about Berlin and Paris.) His overall thesis is that New York – as a startup/tech… Read More