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Height vs. density

This Planetizen article (2014) by Brent Toderian surfaced over the weekend. It is about tall buildings and why we should be focused more on how they are designed, as opposed to just how tall they are. Brent talks about this in terms of “density done… Read More

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Buy land, Chip. Buy land.

Bloomberg Businessweek just published a longish article about Vancouver and the Chinese capital that fuels it. It’s called, The City That Had Too Much Money.  Most of you are already familiar with this narrative, but here’s an excerpt that talks about the city’s economic base… Read More

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Going down east

I live in Toronto.  When I am headed north to cottage country, I say that I am going up north. When the Florida snowbirds talk about escaping the winter, they usually say that they are headed down south. These geographic references are fairly straightforward. If a… Read More